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hello internet surfer, you've made it to my site! this is my personal little home on the web, my secret tomb, my space to be who i want to be. i started maintaining my own website when i was 15, so about three years ago now. i've found it to be far more enjoyable than any other form of expression. when i was young i had always wished i was alive during the myspace era, moreso the times when geocities was still up and running. but here i am! i have my own site, and a cool little community to back it up.

but right right, enough with that. my name is jack, and here you'll find an archive of my true self, all of my pages are a direct representation of me, completely customized and fine-tuned how i like them. its really just a big mess of words, i have so many things to say and not many people to say them to, antisocial win! please check out my current featured page: my music page!

i hope you enjoy your stay, if you have anything to say regarding my website or myself at all, sign my guestbook! thanks for visiting ^__^

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