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holy shit we're back to this layout!?

thats right everyone... i remembered this layout existed and i thankfully still had the files on my laptop x__X! for those who don't know where they are, welcome to my website. im jack and i am a creature at best. this is a collection of what semblance of self i have. im a nearly 20 year old trying to work the world, and what better to do than to carve out my own space on the web than worry about important things! like... well idk.

my website is a love letter to a time i wasnt really... around for. i was born in 2004 like a fuckin nerd and missed all the fun stuff like myspace.. and aol chats. and slow internet (i didnt miss this part actually it sucked)
point is, i adore the old era of the internet, and i hate whatevers going on now! most places feel far too judgemental for me to share my thoughts, cluttered with ads, boring, or just plain annoying. so i figured making something of my own would be a lot more fun. and a lot more personal.

feign/the billion other urls ive had, has been a running project since about 2019.. or earlier. the earliest webcrawls i can find are back in 2020 but they're under my second iteration of the site. constantly i am thinking about how to make my site more interesting, more appealing, more like me. but usually i end up not working on it at all and lamenting my choice to do so. i firmly believe that more people should at least TRY to make something personal to themselves, html and css isnt as hard as it seems. and its a very rewarding hobby! i adore how intricate you can get with it, how customizable everything is, and i feel like it leaves more of an impact than scrolling through a social media feed for the...... 20th time since you've woken up today @__@...

i do plan on working continuously on my site, even in the smallest of increments. so check back soon! good vibes, safe browsing, and enjoy your time here <3

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