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f this is a wip . last updated 12/29/23
i am the son and the heir...of nothing in particular - frankly, i never know what to put on these pages. i dont think im a very interesting person, so what is there to write? lets see...
who is jack?

i am a hell of a lot of things, im like a sort of experiment gone wrong, im like a dog who never got trained out of biting the hand that feeds, im a foggy autumn night, im a freak, im socially inept, im an enthusiast of things nobody else cares about, im a tumblr user. what else do you need to know? but really. im a soon to be in his twenties vampiric boything living on the east coast, i spend my days loving my cat and my partner, figuring out what it means to be human (or nonhuman), smoking j's, and indulging in my hobbies

what hobbies?

this is a judgement free-zone, im going to talk about what i like with 0 shame because its my website and i need to stop being so self concious !

something plastered all over my webpage is MUSIC. specifically emo/screamo band references, mentions, features, wherever you look theres probably a related graphic posted. my love for the alternative/dark subcultures (think gothic, emo) 100% started with my parent. though i have not much room in my heart for them anymore, the kit skelanimal i was gifted changed my brain chemistry for the rest of my life, listening to them bump evanescense, three days grace, that good "hate my divorced partner" kind of music. if i had the chance to express myself as early as i wanted to, id say it was middle school i sortve took a step into being interested in emo, the first piercings ive ever wanted were my snakebites. but at this time in my life i told myself "i could never listen to screamo." ... then suddenly my alarm was "diamonds arent forever" by bring me the horizon. i dont know what kind of hell i wanted to go through listening to that at 5am to wake up, but it worked. my serious jump into the scene began when i started transitioning though, and the fact that i was older, and could express myself more. i got snakebite piercings done a month after i turned 18, to the dismay of my parents, my ears are currently at a 0g :3, i have two more lobe piercings done by my partner, and an industrial piercing. i plan to do a triple helix on my other ear...when i have the balls i guess. ive met some amazing people in the scene, and going to concerts brings me a kind of joy that i havent been able to experience. *most* crowds are super friendly and the environment doesn't make me afraid of the fact that im squished in a small room with a bunch of people to listen to someone scream. its fun!

with concerts on the mind... that is something i would consider a hobby for myself. i enjoy to travel, and going to concerts gives me an excuse to do so. you can see my list of concerts that i've been to by clicking here!

"jack-coded" characters

i laugh like kekeke
favorite things:
- lava lamp
- conveyor belts
- pinball machines
- to be continued

two of my most desired items are a kotatsu and a jeep

      food       salmon
      song       frysl├ón bop - joost
      color       red
      media       godzilla