today, august 2nd 2022, is boyfriend day. what is boyfriend day? the day i get to call you mine :3... i cannot describe how excited i am to be able to say that we are together, you and i have been friends for a long time, but i can't help but smile like a dork thinking about you!! stupid emo certified joint roller, my adventuring buddy, the mf who cracks my back...
uuuwwwhhhh i cannot even begin to phrase my adoration for you. i can't wait to force you to listen to even more of my shitty music and fall asleep in your arms again. to walk under the streetlights and feel the cool breeze through your window! im so so glad you like me and all my weird ways, all my little emoticons and my messy hair and everything strange about me. i want to stick you in a terrarium like a little roly poly bug and keep u 4ever.
for my loverboy:
bloom - teenage wrist
wondering - coma cinema
welcome and goodbye - dream, ivory
rosemary - deftones
is it really you? - loathe
what lies beneath - life on venus
dive in - pierce the veil

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things i am holding you to
the beach
fig and salami