welcome to my personal little hole, i know its a bit darker than the "index" page but i wanted it this way, since i prefer the night over day most of the time. i fell in love with the idea of my own website that i could personalize since... probably the 8th or 9th grade? i grew up using deviantart where it used to be very customizable so i have a sense of nostalgia when it comes to looking at "oldweb" sites. my first code was made with a lot of confusion and..... that's pretty much it. i think this is my 4th or 5th site rework? i moved to a completely different URL this time around though.
while my front page may be more formal i wanted this one to have a cluttered feel, as if you have too many windows open and your computers about to start overheating from the malware downloading itself onto your hard drive (shoutout to ren for the idea)

this site has been swag certified by my stupid greasy furry!

kin these mfs...................... goddamn L and the angel devil from chainsaw man (sobbing)



    what the fuck ?!?!
hang on....

LOL who is that idiot?
<==== that is jack, the webmaster! he is here to look at cats and read cool manga
they're an infp, a cancer sun, virgo moon, cancer rising
born somewhere in north america on june 24th 200x. he can be a bit closed in but would love to make new mutuals! (hint hint)

this site was made with love by JACK!

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i will continue to pile things onto this page that i like until you can't see the background anymore and nobody will stop me.