recently i've been kicked from one of my favorite servers, the reason? because the admin pulled some rule out of their ass. and frankly i am a bit mad about it, i enjoyed the community there. hell i would be sharing this page there if i was still in it! the only way i can get back in is to unblock someone i really don't like, and i'd really rather not do that.

click to read some idiot mumbling under his breath the main reason i started rambling on is because i HATE THE INTERNET...... ITS FULL OF FUCKING WEIRDOS!!!! which is i guess what you would expect. but the amount of self entitlement and ignorance is absurd. some of you are chronically online like. please go outside. i know its a lot to ask coming from an evangelion fan, but PLEASE GO OUTSIDE. the real world is nothing like what we see on our silly little screens. go interact with a real person, make a friend, do something other than bathe in your own filth in your peeling gaming chair. your parents aren't going to be thrilled when you're sitting in that same chair, 20 years old without a job and no savings. which is sadly the truth of it all. as much as i "hate" going outside, and interacting with even more bozos (now in HD!), staying on your computer all day isn't going to make anything better LOL
i think the main reason im beginning to hate the internet is tiktok (and twitter a little bit) contributing to cancel culture (which i thought we were supposed to be getting rid of?) but no, if you've ever been on tiktok for at least 3 seconds you should understand what i mean when you can see a case of someone who has been past their screen time limit for far too long. trying to cancel some wind for blowing too hard on them, calling the most basic of actions abelist or something of the sort. it's just so sad to see what the web has become, where'd all the people who make websites go!?? modern social media is fucking garbage. i hate the basicness of it all, where's the individuality?! where's the passion?! AUGH.........
but, as i write this it is 11:57pm on the 22nd of july, and yesterday (the 21st) i welcomed a wonderful joy into my life

this is rose (rosie!!!)
she is a rescue we got, she's two years old and i love her to bits, she is officially "my cat" meaning i can take her when i move out, and also meaning i get to take care of her, which is honestly a pretty good thing i think. i've been in a real slump lately, like slit my wrists kind of slump. you get it. but having a companion really helps a little i think (p.s. it just hit midnight) because it helps me have a reason other than myself to stick around, i have to feed her and look after her now, so it sort of gives me a reason to stay alive, i guess.

and i just really like cats.
i really want to remake my anime page, i have a decent idea in mind for it i think, the execution will be the real issue.