in the depths of the cluttered desk of your average hikkineet, abandoned sit a cup of melon soda, made in an attempt to mimic those at-home cafe videos. this cup of soda has gone... a bit bad, its begun to look strange? almost like its moved since the last time it's last been touched...

it seems the final ingredient was when our beloved hikkineet bumped his desk and knocked his cup onto his computer! ahh... what a shame. but luckily, this brought our beloved creature to life! soda is, undeniably not an animal, though it looks like one. he took the form of a psuedo-cat due to the popularity it seemed they had online, and the ease that cats have on stealing the hearts of everyday people. he wanted to be liked, too.

soda is a genderless, speciesless creature. they use it/they/he pronouns, and their main goal in life is to experience the world, most of soda's time is spent exploring, whether it be around the room where it was formed, or outside, they especially like going to the beach and swimming! it reminds them of the cup of soda they used to be.

personal introduction:

"hello? i hope my message is broadcasting properly. my name is soda! i'm pleased to meet you. i am very glad to be here! lately i've been feeling a bit lonely, so please feel free to explore my site and get to know me! i apologize if my appearance is strange, or my mannerisms, i'm a bit new here. um. sorry. ahaha, uh! i am excited to share more about myself with you all!"

fantastic soda, keep being silly...........LEARN MORE IN THE Q&A!