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flame point siamese

these are a wonderful breed of cat, the rarest type of a siamese cat! they are not recognized by cat registries and rather are classified as red colorpoint shorthair cats. they will give you plenty of love, and show it through sitting on you/around you. if you like a cat that wants to snuggle, find one of these!
fun fact...
because these cats are mainly white, they are more likely to be cross eyed! they also have a higher chance of being deaf than other cats.

as simple as it is to look at a cat and say its breed is what color it is:
"oh what kind of cat do you have?"
if you want to get technical, cats do have different breeds! these are very prominent features in cats such as their face structure, the texture/length of their fur, their size, and even their temperament!
here some of the top cat breeds according to the cat fanciers' association (yeah it's a real thing)

honestly, when i first saw this cat i didn't really like it...... but it's actually pretty cute. these cats are said to act more like dogs than cats.

how refined! this breed of cat looks very regal. they aren't lap cats but they do enjoy participating in your activities

so many people hate spyhnx cats because they lack fur but i think they're so silly. and they're good for those with cat allergies, they come in many colors too!! pink, grey, patterned, etc... they've got the build of a devon minus the fur

scottish folds are named that way for their folded ears (obviously). they're known to have very unique meows and purrs! they almost look like owls

this is the cat you're most likely to see if you live in the U.S. standard cat, default cat

maine coon cats are HUGE... well they can get huge. they sorta look like mini-lynxes which is awesome

british shorthairs have very distinguishable faces. it seems they mainly come in gray, but as any cat, they can be patterned as well

so cute...... so soft...... they're called ragdolls because when you pick them up they may go limp if they're very relaxed