welcome to jack's cat website!
these pages were made specifically for a project, but i hope they can be enjoyed all the same. on this site i will host many cute cat facts, pictures, and even helpful anatomy diagrams of a cat!

why are cats important?
objectively better than dogs, cats are animal companions. they usually sound like "meow", "purr", "hiss" but every cat is different. (note: if your cat is barking, speaking english, or telepathically sending messages to your brain, please consult a professional). you can even encounter cats in the wild if you're lucky enough, though some may be hostile. (these kinds of cats are called feral do not approach unless properly trained). there are plenty of nice cats outside too!

Q: are cats real?
A: yes! luckily for us,
cats exist on the same plane of reality as we do.

my favorite cats ever