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Black Dresses

(march 16, 2022)
who the FUCK was going to tell me black dresses released a new album...?!????? im so glad they're back on spotify after what happened. -__-
best track is obviously GAY UGLY AND HARD TO UNDERSTAND maybe its not for everyone, but its certainly 4 me O___O. u_u2 is soo good too
Alice Gas
Alice Gas

(jan 17, 2022)
didnt listen to any specific album, just let spotify take me through nher most popular songs without shuffle. from the most popular, ferrari, to her newest album, hardcore heaven. to be fair, i was gassed up iykwim.. so everything sounded fucking amazing. i used to listen to paranoid a lot when i was more into hyperpop. i think my favorite song has to be "idontcareanymore". introduced it to my friend who listens to laura les and she liked it, too.

I can't Handle Change

(jan 2, 2022)
yes while not technically an "album" (an ep) this set of tracks holds a nostalgic place in my heart. the kind of music that makes me think of my old school, seeing myself standing alone in the basketball court. good and bad times. this ep has no bad songs, and harbors most of Roar's most popular tracks... have you ever listened to the emotion in heart for brains?
favorite tracks:
heart for brains
i cant handle change
christmas kids