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yes yes yes i am featuring the opening to the nichijou anime. the hold this song has on me is insane, how could i ever self-loathe listening to this song? i haven't listened to anything else by HYADAIN other than their songs featured in nichijou, but i'm thinking about giving this artist a chance, not much is hosted on spotify it seems. also fun fact: did you know the female and male voice are done by the same person? without googling, do you think its a guy or a girl singing?
hover for answer ;)

Kenichi Maeyamada does both voices, a guy!
recent artists:loathe, gulu gulu, utsu-p, SiM
-positive dance time
-pricure song idk the name
-tsurai! yabai! tsurai!
-triple baka
-dreamin chuchu
-sai-desu I LIKE YOU
-viva happy
-menhera janai-mon!