believe it or not, i have been listening to a lot of slipknot lately. i've been listening to a lot of different music lately honestly,
as i write this "spring cleaning" by jack stauber is playing. which jack stauber is not unusual for me (he's part of the reason my name Is jack O__o;)
my favorite bands lately are deftones, pierce the veil, and slipknot.

i've also been smoking a lot more lately. which i don't know if it's bad or good. it's fun though!
basically what i'm saying here is i have nothing else to write about, my life is incredibly boring. besides the fact that school is starting on the 31st, and evangelion 4.0 releases this friday. i've got nothing going on. in all honesty my days just go by with me rambling to myself about the littlest things i see or do,

actually it's funny how when i start writing my mind opens up and remembers things that i do like
lately i've been:
playing cookie run
watching the chris chan documentary
making string bracelets
playing phantom forces on roblox
uhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think thats it right now

pov: i die of heart disease or lung collapse

warning: talking about self harm

i'm also glad that fall is on the horizon, i've been waiting for short sleeved weather for ages. i can't cut on my wrists when i have to wear short sleeves '_'. i did just relapse the other night though.
idk. i just want to make good clean scars and cuts nice straight lines, i want to try cutting deeper when i have the chance
and i wont cut on my thighs because they're so fucking ugly. ew.