i think i will use this little notepad as a journal of sorts. i will just type whatever i think whenever i think it.
who will stop me? will i be in trouble for writing in my silly little notepad app? No,........
anyways, i almost got to sit next to a cute person in my marine studies class. but some stupid blonde bitch stole my seat.
i hate blonde people, if you're blonde dye your hair and gtf away from me immediately. X__X school is already just weird.
can't get any good seats in my classes because the preppy motherfuckers always get there before i do, sitting in their
little possies and silly little groups. all the people in this school suck, i dont think im going to make any new friends
this year just because of how boring everyone is.
"if you break glass in my classroom, don't assume i'm gonna be mad... be Certain i'm gonna be mad"-my marine studies teacher
anyways, from what the day has been like so far, i can feel that this year will just be like any other, and i'll be alone
also both my friend and her ex-bf are in this class and her ex is really annoying me ngl.
(08/31/21 -10:01AM)
if one more person looks at me funny when the teacher calls me Jack i'm gonna go insane. i already don't want to eat
lunch because my ex is here :/ i hate their guts, wish they would have stayed cyber. (why are you being so hostile you ask?
they kept looking at me in the cafeteria and i do not appreciate it. frankly, it feels like everyone has been staring at
me today and i really do not like it at all. i stg theres a girl sitting next to me staring at me right now. Im Gonna
Go Nuts genuinely i dont think i can be around people at all anymore. i feel like everyone, and i mean everyone is staring at me
or taking photos of me or something. please leave me alone, idk what i did to any of you but i dont like this.
something good that happened though was during our flex periods "break time" i went up to our little cafe thing and
got a cup of coffee, it was pretty good but i need to pull out some cash at the bank so i can have money in my school lunch account so i can buy more coffee,,,,,,,,,, lol
i got a bagel too but i dont think im gonna get one ever again it wasn't that good. i reeally just cant fathom the fact that i am a senior.
i didnt think i would even make it this far lol, and wtf do i do after this!??!?!
whatever i cant wait to get home and take a nap, i still have until like 2:30 until i get out of here though.

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