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nendoroid 129: hatsune miku absolute HMO edition

price: $62.91

collect date: 05/13/21

nendoroid 418: seragaki aoba

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price: $63.00

collect date: 12/09/21

nendoroid 540: tsurumaru kuninaga

price: $56.99

collect date: 02/01/22

kagamine len PM figure

price: $53.00

collect date: 05/17/22

kagamine len EX figure

price: $33.92

collect date: 04/07/22

shimakaze kessen mode

price: $15.14

collect date: 04/?/21

aoba moca PM figure school☆days

price: $18.00

collect date: 05/10/21

hatsune miku sakura 2020 vers

price: ?

collect date: ?

hatsune miku birthday 2019 vers

price: ?

collect date: ?

nagisa kaworu: shin evangelion gekijouban mini display figure vol 1

price: $64.99 (bundled)

collect date: 06/?/21

ikari shinji: shin evangelion gekijouban mini display figure vol 1

price: $64.99 (bundled)

collect date: 06/?/21

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i love. collecting stupid colored pieces of plastic? why? because. i.....god i wish i knew. someone save me from this curse. what you see in the center of your screen is my current collection of figures, not including some small one-offs. i've been collecting figures since i was younger, probably 13? at the same time i first started really getting into anime and starting to adore vocaloid more, i recieved my first nendoroid. a bootleg sakura miku bloomed in japan version. for a bootleg it wasn't bad! but it was gifted to me by a friend lol, i couldn't pass it up. i then slowly began asking for more figures for gifts, my favorite being my kagamine rin nendoroid, i loved those things to bits and pieces. unfortunately due to my parents thinking that anime was turning me into some kind of deviant, they threw all of my ani/manga memorabilia in a trash bag and chucked it to the curb. i wish i was joking HAHA... thankfully we are past this point, and i can buy the things i like with my own money. i am always excited for new figures of my favorite characters, those are the only ones i collect. if i haven't seen the media, i'm not buying the figure. i don't think i'll ever understand people who buy figures for the aesthetic, but you do you. i am an avid hater of the boom of figure collecting on tiktok, the lack of understanding in what they're doing, actively buying bootlegs, and spending ridiculous amounts on aftermarket prices, which effectively raises ALL aftermarket prices. please just do some damn research!!! your "animecore" pink neko kawaii cute figure can be found at a better price than $300...the amount of absurdity i've seen in people who are buying prize figures, PRIZE FIGURES. for 3X their value is hilarious sometimes.

anyways. enough autism. here are my current grail figures that i would die for: