welcome to my journal!

everyone on the web needs a diary or a journal right? i figured this would
be a good way to have a digital "scrapbook" of sorts, so i can have a place
to jot my memories down since my brain likes to erode them.

table of contents:

-april entries

04/12/21 i cannot describe how much anxiety these classrooms give me. i feel insanely exiled and lost compared to everyone else. this is the first day my school is in person with the entire capacity during this year, and it sucks. we sit at desks with plastic barricades around them that restrict our desk space and our vision. i get nauseous looking through them. even my bus is more terrifying than before. thank god im able to sit in the back by myself. im so self concious its insane. sometimes i wish i was a cishet so i could be "normal"... or atleast i wish i wasn't in an insanely transphobic school. these people scare the hell out of me.
lets get hatecrimed!
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