the hunt is over, i finally have found him........ the little skrunlkly........

this guy is oddly elusive,,, and i managed to scoop him up for only $12?!?! (33 with shipping but whatever). the bidding war was intense, i nearly got sniped out of my offers, thankfully i had a safety net of $20
the official name is the kagamine len EX figure, he was released alongside miku, rin, and luka, all on matching piano bases, all the way back in 2010!!! this figure is 12 years old now lol.... jeez
oh and, fun fact about this figure, im pretty sure the piano hes standing on has something to do with tenor... or something..... rhghh.

(4/5 stars)
LISTEN. I LOVE THIS SCULPT SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, IT REPRESENTS LEN SO WELL, older len figures honestly do him so much justice. for a figure so "old" its really held up against the test of time, his hair is sculpted wonderfully:

and i love how his shorts look, its a weird thing to look at, but they look good! i even love how the neck part of his seifuku(?) is modeled, you can see it hanging off the back even from the front which is awesome ^_^

i really love his legwarmers too,... everything about this figure is so cute EVEN HIS EXPRESSION IS JUST ADORABLE

now what i don't love about this figure.... he's really shy, which i dont think is an official term, but he leans forward really far...

which isn't really a bad thing... if you think about it. most figure collectors have a bookshelf/case where they put their figures, so if you put him up high theres no issues!

but if you display him lower....

he doesn't really want to look you in the eye...

(5/5 stars)
i have no complaints with the paint job! there's no paint transfers either, which is a miracle really

(5/5 stars)
i COMMEND this figure for having such a creative base, mine is second hand, so it seems theres a bit of... Random ass marker?

but i think maybe if i take a magic eraser to it, it might come off. the base isn't pvc, its like SUPER plastic, rly thin, very light, but it works o__O
overall, i LOVE THIS FIGURE!!!!!! my only only gripe with him is that he leans so far forward, otherwise this seriously is my favorite in my collection, im so glad i have him..