oh god has a bit happened. right now im drinking one of those naked berry blast fruit drink things, its really good O____o
anyways, lets get down to it. i got kicked out of my moms house ( ^^ ) though i was already planning to leave i have to say this is a bit of a surprise! i'd rather not elaborate too far on why things happened, but to summarize.... well im not going to deal with being screamed at so close to my face that my glasses are covered in disgusting spittle and my ears are ringing... so back at my dads i go. fuckers can't even help me move my shit out of my room though they're the ones screaming at me over and over through the year i lived there to just go live back with my dad and that they dont want me there -__-...

point is, its the beginning of a new era for me. my main goal is working on getting my license, which frankly shouldn't take long since i just need to learn how to reverse properly. i somehow have managed to be able to parallel park, but not back into a parking spot O_o;?
i think i'll try to write more blog entries. i always have a lot of things to say and not a lot of people who care enough to say these things to. for example, i've been playing the shit out of pokemon legends arceus, it released on the 28th and i've logged nearly 12 hours as of 02/2/22 (8:23am). i chose oshawott for my starter and i love him so much ^___^<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 his final evo is way smaller than i thought it would be though, i thought samurott was bigger?

real footage of me and my buddy

i've also been getting way more into v-kei recently. i'm listening to dir en grey's discography right now. please, if you know any good songs... send them my way. (or just j-metal in general, loving the fuck out of utsu-p and SiM lately)
best wishes. i know i need em,