cats are my favorite animal ever, here's a stats page for each meow meow i've had the chance to encounter...


"will meow for treats, has a heated outdoor house"

color: location: encountered:
orange family member's yard 01/08/22


"jackary, jacky boy, cat jack"
this is my big lanky boy, he's about 2 years old, we rescued him off the side of the road and we raised him from a little baby. my parents stole my name and gave it to him, but he was my boy. unfortunately we had to give him to a family member to live at their barn with some other cats because we didn't have the means to get him neutered. maybe someday i will regain my little jacky boy but i think he's having a good time at the farm ^__^!
cat jack photo album

color: location: encountered:
orange lived with me, but now living his best life on a farm (yes he's actually at a farm not like the fish your parents flush down the toilet to "the farm") july 2020