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ahh spring... the birds are starting to sing, the sun is warming the earth, flowers are starting to bloom... no better time than to hole myself inside and watch anime!!!
i'm joking, i'm not that much of a degenerate weeb, but i do love picking out new shows to watch during the new season (which yknow... i never get around to half of). so here's my picks for this upcoming spring 2022 season.

arahen-san wa hakarenai
Aharen-san is unfathomable
get on my case while you can, this is a comedy+romance+slice of life. it follows the daily lives of our main characters Reina Arahen and Raidou. arahen is ... what seems like socially inept LOL. unable to gauge the distance between two people, they're schoolmates who now sit uncomfortably close(???).
this is a manga i was meaning to read but never did pick up, i will say one thing though, reina is ...... uncomfortably small, like. Uncomfortably small (why is she so tiny?!!!??). if this anime gets weird in any sense im dropping it off a 40ft cliff. i do like the brown haired guy and the person poking out of the ceiling. hopefully this fulfills its comedy role well.
an anime original movie!!! wit studios!!?!?!?!? AAAAAAAH!!!!!
sorry... anyways i have seen so many trailers for this movie and i cannot describe how gooood it looks. wit comes thru again with some badass animation. this is unfortunately going to be a netflix exclusive -___-... but despite that i will use my secret resources to find a way to watch this.
it's a sci-fi+supernatural two genres i don't get a lot of exposure in, so this will definitely be an experience. runtime hits 1 hour and 40 minutes... im hoping this premise of a tokyo where gravity has broken pulls me in long enough to sit through it (my attention span is painfully small)
Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san
Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie
god dammit, yes. another comedy+romance+slice of life T__T. ITS ALL THAT AIRS ANYMORE I CANT HELP IT!!!!X___X
anyways, i think this is another manga i meant to read and never did. the premise of this is very ????? idk, weird. izumi's girlfriend is all cute and loving and bubbly on the outside, but if you mess with her... she'll turn into the joker a "super cool heart-throb girlfriend!" (whatever the fuck that means X___X)
as embarassing it is to read this, i'm as embarassed to be watching it. but shows like this are my guilty pleasure, hell i'm an entire f*ggot and i still watched rent a girlfriend X__X
Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai.
The Corporate Drone Wants to Be Healed by a Little Ghost Girl.
(note: the "other" translation of the title is: "the corporate slave wants to be healed by a loli spirit" which i do NOT fuck with so miss me with that i will never be using that title)
have you seen senko-san? yknow this fox lady:

think that but completely yuri, mixed with a hint of dragon maid. that's what this show is cracked up to be so far. this little ghost wants to help ms. fushihara get away from her horrible work life, being a corportate slave working until midnight nearly every night. it's an "iyashikei" slice of life anime, another of my sad guilty pleasures. but as i said with arahen-san, if it gets weird (aka too fucking fanservicey) its OUTTA HERE. the art style looks cute, though.
i have one more to write about but i will publish this now so i can edit it later ^__^