updated: 03/29/22!!!! scroll to "update"!!!!
updated 03/30/22!!! scroll to "update2"

i would like to preface this entry by saying THIS IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF COFFEE FUELED RAMBLING: YOU WERE WARNED

good morning neocities i would like to state that i am feeling INSANE erhgmmmmmm i was scrolling ebay because its my pay week and .....!!!!1 i spotted him...

now this doesn't look like much but this len figure has such a GRIP ON ME. I CANNOT STAND HOW ELUSIVE HE IS AND HERE HE IS!!!!! JUST SITTING ON THIS FIGURE BIDDING PAGE!!!!! (if you recognize the seller background shout-out 2 u)
now one may say: good job jack! you've won at life, congratulations
you see, i would be rejoicing if i knew i would be able to get him, but at this point i am SO UNSURE..... for one simple reason
my mom shut off my bank card when i moved out -__-... meaning i'm so FUCKED
my only option at this point is to sink $50 out of my like $80 spending money into an ebay gift card..... which i am so nervous about doing (because i never trust digital online shopping it worries me to bits)...... BUT!!! it should be fine... i can always use the remaining balance to buy more anime merch..... though i'd rather not sink it all into ebay....
"jack... why dont you just buy a visa vanilla card?"
GREAT QUESTION! i tried using a visa vanilla card on ebay about a week or two ago to buy some servamp merch. well let me tell you that shit did NOT WORK. apparently you have to link it through paypal, and when i tried to do that (since im not legally 18 i shouldnt even have a paypal account but dont tell the feds that T__T)

needless to say.... when i get my money..... im walking down to my dollar store...... and getting a fucking ebay giftcarsd....... and i am going to Stalk that goddanm listing page.... i will update you all soon enough...... sobs violently
UPDATE 03/29/22

today is the day. i thought the auction was supposed to end while i was in school but it looks like it'll be over when i'm home. today i plan on cutting my hair though, so hopefully these two things don't interfere. nobody has bid on him yet and i hope it stays that way.... im so nervous o__o

you will NEVER believe what happened.

I GOT THAT MF!!!!!!!! I GOT HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!! it was a fearsome fight, it was like 20 seconds to the end and somebody started trying to snipe him T__T i kinda geeked and set my max bid to $20 in hopes they wouldn't be able to get him, but they didn't even top my previous max bid of $15 LMAO....

if u see this mf in your bidding war.... watch out...
anyways!! he's already shipped with DHL, i'll put some pictures of him here and i'll have to finally finish updating my figure page