hello spooky wanderer. welcome to my haunted house... this is the halloween theme of my site! ( ・ω・)☞

i am an amateur coder, and i only have this site as a project to work on. i plan on updating it frequently with whatever my tiny little brain desires so please,feel free to explore! i try to put at least a little effort into my pages, so hopefully you'll have a look.
if you need anything, let me know くコ:彡

last updated: 10/22/21 !!! (updated to halloween theme)

stuff i might not want to forget:

-make kaworu page <3
-make "bookmarks" page so you stop forgetting stuff idiot

please feel free to add my button onto your site!

featured song:

Vampire's ∞ pathoS - Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△

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