fresh from the oven

welcome to my cookie run page!
i would like to happily announce as of 09/08/21 cookie run has become a hyperfixation!
this portion of my page is dedicated to my love for the mobile game series cookie run! currently i play both ovenbreak and kingdom, but most of my time goes into kingdom!! i cant wait for more cookies to be added and i love expanding and decorating my kingdom
i just think the art and style of the games are so cute :( and collecting the cookies through the gacha system is so fun. also i really enjoy how giving the devs are with collecting diamonds, this game is definetly not ptw

currently ongoing in cookie run ovenbreak is fashion week!!! poppin candy and shining glitter have both recieved new costumes, as well as the addition of the cookie: sourbelt cookie!

currently happening in kingdom: SONIC x COOKIE RUN: for the 30th anniversary of sonic the hedgehog, there is a month long crossover event in game! this is your only chance to get the extra special Sonic and Tails cookies!! so make sure to log in and participate ^__^; moon rabbit cookie has also joined the kingdom with an epic ranking! be sure to do some pulls on their banner to get them, as well as their decor set in the shop!

all animated gifs edited by me, sprites from the spriters resource