i've always had an interest in anime. even before i really knew what "anime" was i found myself tuning into dragonball z on adult swim every saturday night. the first anime i've seen at the tender age of 13 was attack on titan..... [nervous sweating]
i was fully grasped by the show one night at my grandmas house, and ever since i've just adored anime and manga. i think it was around 8th or 9th grade that i had felt a sort of embarrasment watching anime. for what reason? i'm unsure. but then 10th grade rolls around and i'm all alone at a new school by myself. too afraid to make friends i found myself wandering into the library and staring at the wall of manga, i decided to check out "yotsuba&!" and then the love just came back, lol.
not to sound like some fucking weirdo, but anime makes me feel a little less lonely sometimes, just being able to "escape" into the fantasy worlds is very soothing for my brain....
and yes. i had a vocaloid phase

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